Our Wonderful Jujube Vendors

Jujube Vendor Sozentech

Meet one of our many fantastic vendors Faraz Bhojani with SozenTech.
SozenTech is a local app development and consulting firm located in Calgary. We work closely with our clients to evolve their app ideas, create mock-ups, as well as develop, and deploy, mobile apps.

Jujube HR Services

Jujube Business Builders offers HR Services to all business types. Jujube finds these services very important for all new and existing business to sustain a health environment.

Jujube Professional Photography

Your Success Is A Headshot Away
In a globalized world, a modern headshot is your first introduction. It’s your virtual handshake. It’s your personal brand.

It shows the public who you are and what you’re all about.

Jujube BizXcelerator Member HustleCo

Meet HustleCo Workspace. Jujube Business Builders has built a strong relationship with Steven Paolasini & Hussam Ramini owners of HustleCo. Jujube BizXcelerator will be hosting many events in their space.